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Works in Progress
April 20, 2011, 8:54 am
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"Sprout" color #4304

Spring is in full bloom, bringing with it a desire for lighter fibers and summer styles.

Looking forward to Oregon’s tepid summer evenings, Lieanne was inspired to knit a raglan cardigan with eyelet details and bell edged sleeves that she found in CEY’s booklet “Seaside.”

She chose to make her project using “Sprout,” an eco-friendly, 100% organic cotton yarn from Classic Elite’s Verde Collection. Since “Sprout” is a heavy-worsted to chunky-weight yarn, it knits up super quick! We are all excited to see her finished “Lobster Cove” cardigan!

  Kathleen is happily knitting away on version of Knitting Pure & Simple’sGirls Cap Sleeve Cardi Vest” that she has altered for her adorable daughter, Mellie. Her yarn choice was, “Coast,” an all-season wool/cotton blend fiber from Tahki Yarns. When you feel the knit fabric, it almost feels like suede! Kathleen explains that in order to make fittings more comfortable for her daughter, she uses salvage yarn in-place of stitch holders for the arm holes. This allows Mellie to try on the work in progress without getting poked or pinched by a regular holder. Kathleen suggests using a contrasting color of salvage yarn in order to better see all your off-needle stitches. So far, the vest has only taken 3 balls of Coast, but Kathleen has a fourth ball waiting to be work-up into the cap sleeves and collar. We can’t wait to see the finished project!

Student’s Personal Projects
April 12, 2011, 12:16 pm
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Alisa and Betty HAT

Our students (and instructors) at All About Yarn continue to be sources of inspiration and joy here at the shop. They have been knitting up a storm and have completed some fabulous projects we’d like to share with you.

The first comes from a new knitter, Alisa, who decided to create a cozy hat for her very first project. She used Berroco’s “Sundae” for her main color and the lovely “Aquarella,” from Malabrigo, for her fun fuzzy filler. As you can see, both Alisa and her teacher Betty were very pleased with the final outcome.

This verdant vest is the first garment that Roxie, an accomplished knitter, has ever made for herself and we think she did a fabulous job!

She created this lovely pull-over from a pattern she’d wanted to make for years. Before starting her vest however, Roxie tested out the stitch designs by using them to create scarves. If you look closely, the garment features multiple stitch designs that make this vest a real work of art.

Roxie’s stylish vest is a good reminder to all knitters, that we should take time to make personal projects in addition to all the gifts we make for our friends and family members.

Patsy decided to knit a pattern from Jenny Watson’s second “Queensland Collection,” which features designs inspired by the lovely surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales.

Patsy created her stunning waistcoat using Cascade’s “128 Superwash,” a bulky merino wool that is super soft, machine washable and quick to knit!

If you are interested in joining one of our classes, you can find more information on our website or feel free to call or stop by the shop! Our number is: 503-684-4851.