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“I Love Yarn Day” Customer Projects
November 10, 2011, 1:15 pm
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October 14th was national “I Love Yarn Day” and we had a wonderful time here at All About Yarn celebrating it with all of you that came in to share and knit with us! It was great fun and very inspirational seeing all the beautiful projects you all brought in to show-and-tell. Check-out the images below to see what local knitters have been working on this year!

We also wanted to congratulate Lynne Freeman, our raffle prize winner, who went home with a beautiful basket full of this year’s pattern books! The basket and books were generously donated by Lantern Moon and Classic Elite Yarns.

Whimsical Felted Bag by Ann Culter

Ann made her bag out of Lamb’s Pride–a wonderful felting wool with a beautiful range of colorways. Check out her cute little snail and swirling pond, complete with flowering lily pads. Nicely done Ann and thank you so much for sharing!

Cotton white hats with tulip and heart designs by Alice Knox

Holly-Brown Acrylic Hat by Alice Knox

A Lovely Grey and Multicolor Felted Bag by Alice Knox

Alice Knox brought in a few projects to share with us and she did a fabulous job on them all. The two white hats will make some little girl very cute and happy this spring. I especially LOVE Alice’s felted bag–the color combos with the pattern look fantastic! Thanks for sharing Alice!

Beautiful "Autumn Oak" Felted Bag by Cathy Neary

Cathy Neary's River Twist Hat

Cathy is a beginning knitter on her way to turning pro. Her Autumn Oak comes alive with its flowing branches and playful clusters of leaves. The hat she just whipped up out of River Twist from Mountain Colors, creating a pattern to fit her needs–very adventurous and creative! We are looking forward to seeing what Cathy will come up with next!

Comfy Sock by Earlene Brown

Earlene knit this lovely sock out of Petals Socks from Universal Yarns. Inspired by the softness of fresh petals, Universal combined fine merino wool and angora to give this yarn its incredible softness, strength and warmth. Plus, the yarn in machine washable! Nicely done Earlene and thank you so much for sharing!


More projects coming soon… from Barbara Payne and Kathleen Fajardo!

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